20 February – 28 February 2019

A sacred tour and pilgrimage for women who love the Goddess

With Anique Radiant Heart – High Priestess of the Global Goddess

And Kriszta Veres – Priestess of Avalon


I was born in Egypt in 1947.  My family and I moved to Australia in 1956, when the military regime, responsible for the revolution which occurred that year, expelled all non-nationals.  My whole extended family emigrated here under assistance of the Australian Government,  and we were refugees.  It was a hard time for me.  I often wonder if that is why I have never had the desire to return.

Yet I knew that I had to go back…….I had no idea why,  all of a sudden, as I approached 70, it became urgent for me.  I was told by a senior Aboriginal Lore Keeper Aunty Bilawara Lee and also Aunty Minmia,  that I had to return to Egypt before I die so that I can “bring back something” so that my Ancestors can find me when it is my time to meet them again.

This tour is a Pilgrimage to the land of my birth, to do special ceremony with sisters who love the Goddess.

Our tour co-facilitator Kriszta Veres

Our tour co-facilitator Kriszta Veres

So I decided to craft a tour with my old friend and sister Priestess, Kriszta Veres, Priestess of Avalon. Kriszta founded the Hungarian Goddess Temple, has taught Priestesses and leads tours all over the world.  She lives in Egypt and has a deep connection to that land.

The itinerary is ready for you to view here

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This tour will feature quite a few beautiful ceremonies.  A very special feature of this tour is the private entry to Hathor’s Temple at Dendera,  where we shall enact a Moon ceremony in the Ancient Moon Temple on the roof.  This opportunity may never happen again!

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Anique Radiant Heart

Anique Radiant Heart