Itinerary Egypt


A sacred tour and pilgrimage for women who love the Goddess

With Anique Radiant Heart – High Priestess of the Global Goddess And Kriszta Veres – Priestess of Avalon

Beloved sister,  I’m so glad you are interested in this tour, because it will change the way you view the world for ever.  You will be led by myself, High Priestess of the Global Goddess Anique Radiant Heart, and with my magical voice, I will bring the sites alive for you and open your heart to receive the guidance you came for.  I will be assisted by Priestess of Avalon, Kriszta Veres, who lives in Egypt, knows the hidden places in the temples, has access to places normal tourists do not know or enter, and has a very different perspective on many sites.


Come expecting to be surprised and you WILL be amazed.


20th February

Arrival at Cairo, dinner at Kriszta’s  home.

21 st February

We begin early to catch the sunrise overlooking the Sphinx and the Giza Plateau, where we will do our first circle of grounding and connecting with each other and with the land of Egypt and with Lady Tefnut, who is the moisture of creation and who is the Sphinx, the Guardian of the Heart of Egypt.

After this we enter the Giza Plateau and connect with the three initiation chambers of the Great Pyramid, either from the outside or from the inside for those who are fit enough to climb up in the narrow space of the pyramid.   We continue our journey with visiting the megalithic valley Temple of the Sphinx.

After the Giza Plateau we breakfast at the Mena House Hotel, the legendary hotel of Cairo, originally built as a palace for King Farouk, overlooking the Great Pyramid.

In early afternoon we will visit the Egyptian Museum focusing especially on the Goddess-related items, then go on a felucca ride (traditional Egyptian sailing boat) on the Nile to set our intentions for the journey.


22nd February

Early morning flight from Cairo to Abu Simbel, where we visit the beautiful Temple built by Ramses II and dedicated to Nefertari and Hathor. The Nubians consider it a Nubian Temple and most probably they worshipped Hathor here long before the time of Ramses II. Intuitive archeology suggests the Temple was a mystery school for the Priestesses of Hathor, and the other temple is a healing place for those wounded in the wars of Ramses II.

After the visit we fly to Aswan,  check in to our cruise, the elegant Moon Dance ship (or similar). After lunch we we will go on a boat trip on the Nile, which is the most beautiful in Aswan, we will visit the Nubian Village with the possibility of shopping in its colorful houses. We will also do a small ceremony on the Nile offering our songs and prayers to the magical river, which is still holding the vibration of all those rituals done on the Nile by the Priestesses.

Dinner on the cruise ship.

23rd February

In the morning we will visit the Philae Temple of Isis, also visiting the original place of the Temple, which gives us the possibility for a deeper connection (the Temple was moved after the water level raised with the building of the High Dam).

After lunch on the cruise we start sailing.

In the evening we will visit the Oneness Temple of KomOmbo, which is double temple, creating Oneness between polarities. We will do our meditative walk with  the Light and Shadow inside, and integrate them in Love.Dinner on the cruise.

24th February

Early morning visit to Edfu, the Sacred Marriage Temple, where they celebrated the Sacred Union of our small self which is joined in sacred union with our higher Self.

Arrival at Luxor after lunch, visiting Luxor Temple in the evening. We will walk the ceremonial route leading into the temple and through the temple, connecting with the Priestesses wanting to walk with us and fully merging with Her in the Birthhouse of the Temple.

25th February

Checking in to our accommodation at the West Bank of Luxor. Then visiting the Temple of Hatshepsut, this is a very unique temple built by a powerful Queen, who was standing and living in the Truth of Her Soul. We will also stop by the remains of the Temple of Mut built by Amenhotep III.

Dinner on the rooftop of our hotel with the view of the Nile (dinner own arrangement)


26th February

Free morning with the possibility to go for a hotair-ballon ride at sunrise.

Then late morning taking the ferry to the East Bank, visiting the Temple of Mut (which they opened the temple to the public a year ago, but still very undisturbed) with its many powerful Sekhmet statues.

Then visiting the powerful Sekhmet Chapel at the Karnak Temple. It is closed, but the guards will open for us, the energy of Sekhmet is so strong there, that the statue gives the feeling that it is moving. The Karnak Temple was the headquarter of the Amun Priesthood, but it holds powerful Goddess-spots, visiting the temple also gives us an opportunity to claim the place back and fill it with the presence of the Divine Feminine.

Dinner in the hotel (own arrangement).

27th February

Free time for shopping or optional visit to the Valley of of the Queens, and also the tomb of Nefertari, which is the most well-preserved tomb, recently reopened.

Lunch is your choice.

In the afternoon we will travel to Dandara, and visit the beautiful Hathor Temple, the home of the Seven Hathors, who were High Priestesses embodying a certain aspect of Hathor. Closing ceremony in the Temple during the private time we book in the Temple.

Farewell dinner on the roof of our hotel overlooking the Nile (dinner own arrangement)

28th February

Transfer to the airport and flight to Cairo to catch connecting flights.

 IMPORTANT!  You must book your internal flights yourself.


Anique Radiant Heart

Anique Radiant Heart

Anique Radiant Heart