A Tour for Women Who Love the Goddess

Kali has always been a great support in my LIFE. I see her as a loving Mother, who does not beat around the bush.

When She wants you to do something, let go of something or just simply move on.

The most common Kali found in Temples with only 4 arms.

Her tradition in India is very old and pre-dates the current religious tradition of the Hindus.

We shall visit a number of Kali temples and other amazing sacred sites in and around Kolkata.



We shall visit the markets, where you can find wonderful figurines, extremely inexpensive gold jewellery and of course have very cheap made to measure clothes.

We shall travel into the outlying villages and mountain shrines, and savour the local cuisine and connect with women who are artisans, potters and weavers, silk dyers and more.

We shall do Sacred Ceremony at all sites and begin and end each day with sacred Practice.

We shall be staying in a lovely hotel like this one.

In a private room to yourself.

We experience so much on these tours that we need the privacy of a room to ourselves to process all that we will find in India.

This tour is a life changer,  so please be aware of this.

If there is anything in your LIFE that you are procrastinating about, Kali will help you make a decision.

I encourage all participant to create an altar to Her in your room, where you can make offerings and connect with Her day and night.  There is plenty of space in rooms.

So begin to save your dollars and maybe plan to spend more time while you are in India.  Travel is cheap, so is the accommodation and it is quite safe.

See you in 2019!

Anique Radiant Heart

Anique Radiant Heart